DNS Trails

The World's Largest Repository of historical DNS data.

This is in beta. While in beta, access to everything will be free. After beta, parts will require a subscription (collecting and storing this data for years is costly).

There is too much data to add all at once, so it is going to be added a piece at a time.

Domain Lookups:


Date is optional (use '201301231' format, which would be December 31, 2013)

Searches through our proprietary historical DNS database for DNS data on a domain. How big is the database? Huge.

The data accessible here goes back to mid-2010, but our offline data goes back to mid-2008. It covers all .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, and .name domains.

You can drill down the entire IPv4 address space, seeing what IPs are used in any range (try it!)

Also, there is access to billions of reverse DNS records:

Historical Reverse DNS:


Enter an IP address ( or
a Class C range ( or
a Class B range (

Searches 10,676,045,782 reverse DNS records (with about 12.6B more to be added), from Rapid7's Project Sonar, Internet Census 2012, and private sources.

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or are looking for bulk DNS queries (e.g. for a search engine),
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